Travel Guide to Nusa Penida The Most Beautiful Natural Tourism in Bali

Travel Guide to Nusa Penida The Most Beautiful Natural Tourism in Bali, Have we planned time to refresh ourselves and get away from the daily routine and tiring busyness? Come on, let’s go on holiday together! There are so many interesting destinations that we can visit, and I’m sure we will get a lot of benefits from this experience. There are so many beautiful places in this world that we have not yet explored. Let’s discover new natural and cultural wonders together. Refreshing Minds, believe me, fresh minds bring new creativity and inspiration to our lives. Vacationing is the best way to refresh our brains and gain new perspectives. because Sometimes we need time to give ourselves appreciation, and Holidays can provide an opportunity to do things we enjoy without pressure and this is the best way to recover ourselves better to face life’s next challenges. Hi everyone, in this episode I will discuss A complete Travel guide to Nusa Penida is an island part of the Republic of Indonesia located southeast of Bali, separated by the Badung Strait. Near this island there are also other small islands, namely Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Once you have all that sorted out, it’s time to start plotting your itinerary! Here are the most important things you need to know about Nusa Penida. How do I get to Nusa Penida? Catch a fast boat from Bali, and you can get to Nusa Penida in 45 minutes. A fast boat is the quickest way to get to Nusa Penida from mainland Bali. These rides usually take around 45 minutes and cost roughly USD 9.56 per way. Several ferry companies operate hourly departures from Sanur, with the first trip usually starting at 7:30 a.m. If you want to make sure you get a spot at your preferred departure time, book a seat in advance. Or, why not book a one-day tour for more hassle-free trips to Nusa Penida? This method will offer a , complete with an itinerary covering the island’s most famous attractions.

When is the best time to come to Nusa Penida?

Try to catch the dry season when planning your visit to Nusa Penida for the best sun soaks. because The optimal time to visit the region is during the dry season, which usually falls between May to September. You’re met with less rain and slightly cooler weather, giving you a better chance of experiencing all of the things you’d like to do in Bali. Nusa Penida is full of jaw-dropping natural attractions that it’s almost impossible to see all in a day. But we’ve rounded up a couple of activities that should be a part of your checklist: Visit Kelingking Beach Catch a glimpse of Nusa Penida’s famous T-Rex-shaped ridge at Kelingking Beach, No trip to Nusa Penida is complete without a visit to Kelingking Beach. Perhaps the most iconic attraction on the whole island, this beach is known for its T-Rex-shaped promontory peeking out onto crystal-clear waters – prompting the name “Dinosaur Island” for this one-of-a-kind landscape. Ensure you get the perfect photo of this awe-inspiring view by booking a professional photographer for your trip. Admire the view atop the Molenteng Treehouse If you’ve been flicking through photos of things to do in Bali on instagram, you’ve likely come across a picture of a treehouse set against an exquisite background of lush cliffs and azure waters. That photo would have probably been taken from the Molenteng Treehouse—a towering wooden structure next to the Thousand Islands Viewpoint. Both attractions offer the most staggering panorama of Nusa Penida. One snapshot of this majestic view is enough to tell your social media followers where you are and send them to major travel envy. If you want to take Instagrammable photos of you visit here and in other picture-perfect locations around Nusa Penida. Snorkel at Crystal Bay Find Nemo and the gang while swimming in Crystal Bay’s clear and gentle waters. Located just 20 minutes from the seaport is a quaint stretch of white sand with clear, azure waters called Crystal Bay. This naturally protected cove is teeming with coral reefs and aquatic life, and its gentle waves make it the perfect spot for snorkeling. If you want to get up close and personal with underwater creatures at Crystal Bay and in other popular snorkeling areas in Nusa Penida. Swim with manta rays at Manta Point Spot a squadron of Manta Raysat Manta Bay for a chance to see and swim with these majestic creatures up close, Nusa Penida is a haven for manta rays, and you can very easily spot them even from the high cliffs and viewpoints on the island. And if you head to Manta Point, you’ll likely have a better view of their squadron. But if you’d like to check off one major point in your “things to do in Bali” bucket list. How do I get around Nusa Penida? Choose to go at your own pace with a motorcycle or scooter, or go around Nusa Penida with Hire a private car including driver. If you’d like to explore Nusa Penida at your own pace, your best means of transportation would be to rent a scooter on the island, A decent scooter would cost you around $2-$5 in US dollars for a day inclusive of a helmet, but the price depends on how well you can haggle, If you can’t drive a motorbike or would rather travel with someone who knows their way around the island. but my advice is it would be best to hire a private car with an English-speaking driver that can take you around Nusa Penida’s popular attractions.

Where can I stay in Nusa Penida?

From luxurious resorts to backpacker hostels, several accommodation options in Nusa Penida guarantee a comfortable stay. Nusa Penida is far from its Bali neighbor in terms of infrastructure development—and many locals would prefer to keep it that way to preserve the island’s natural biodiversity. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any comfortable places to crash here, especially if you’re considering a longer stay on the island. Here are some of the accommodation options, organized according to price point : the best choice for Luxury: ADIWANA WARNAKALI best choice for Mid-range : JUKUNG COTTAGE Beach Bar And Restaurant. or Tarzan Marriott On Penida Best choice for Hostels and Homestays: Bukit Sangcure Hostel,nuanpenidahostel or the packer. I hope that all the information I have presented can help you a little to recognize the real situation regarding the island of Nusa Penida. Please always remember, to travel smart and safe, because every small step brings us closer to our big dreams. Thank you for joining this journey with me. See you in the next destination video, As the sun sets today, remember that every sunset brings new hope. Thank you for sharing this moment with me, and Let’s welcome tomorrow with new enthusiasm.